Office 365

As a Microsoft Official Partner we recommend Office 365 to Business and Home users.

Office 365 allows you install the latest Microsoft Office Suite each year so your software is always up to date.

Office 365 gives you the freedom of Cloud-based email, to access your email from all your devices wherever you may be

For more info please call on 01978 350111 or email us at


  • The very latest Microsoft Office Software
  • Business class email hosted in the cloud
  • Up to 5 Office installs per license


At Jones The Computer we recommend BullGuard Internet Security. Each BullGuard license entitles you to 3 installs, which means you can install BullGuard on up to 3 devices simultaneously for the full year. 

  • Real Time Scanning Protection
  • Scans all potential harmful items on USB external devies
  • Up to 3 users per licence (£39.95 per license)

Custom PC Building

We are regularly building Custom PC's for Business & Home users.

We hand select the specification of each build and choose the best possible parts available. We make sure all of our custom builds are stable with a 24 hour stress test to make sure your PC will last.

We have made PC's for Design (CAD), Engineering, Gaming and even micro builds


  • All custom PC's are fitted with an SSD (10x faster than your typical Hard drive)
  • Hand build by us from the ground up
  • We can transfer any data you may have on an old PC or laptop


At Jones The Computer we supply a variety of Laptops, including brands such as: Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Dell and Toshiba.

If interested in purchasing a laptop, and perhaps having it set up for you - Give us a call


  • All laptops come with standard 1-3 year Warranty
  • Clean version of Windows - No useless software installed
  • We can transfer over your data from your old laptop or PC 

PC or Laptop Upgrades

If your PC or laptop is getting a little dated - You may look into an upgrade which could either be an upgrade of existing parts, or a whole new system (Obviously this is the more expensive option)

But for certain systems we can bring your old dated machine upto par with the latest machines meaning you may not have to get rid of your old beloved laptop or PC!


  • All replacement parts include a warranty typically 1-3 years depending on the part
  • All work is performed by our qualified technicians - For your peace of mind
  • Our technicians hand select the best options for you, whether it is new parts or a complete new build - And then give you the options along with benefits/disadvantages of each