Q. How do I create a Restore Point in Windows 7?

Windows-System-RestoreA. Restore points can be created automatically or manually, depending on the actions of the user. Windows will create a restore point automatically when the user installs Windows for the first time on a computer and when Windows updates are installed. This is done in the event there are problems sometime after Windows or updates were installed and the user needs to rollback Windows to that previous installation/restore point. Below are the steps for how to create a restore point manually at any time.
On the Windows desktop, click START, find Computer (or My Computer) in the Start Menu, right-click with your mouse and select Properties. A new window will open. On the left side, click on the System protection option. This will open the System Properties window, with the System Protection tab selected. (If the System Protection tab is not selected, click on that tab to select it.) Near the bottom on the System Protection tab, click the Create button.
Another small window will open. Enter a description for the restore point in the text field and click the Create button. It’s a good idea to describe what you are planning on doing to the computer after the restore point has been created. For example, we’re creating a restore point called “installed Microsoft Office” with the intentions of installing Office after the restore point has been created.
The restore point will be created and available to rollback to if ever needed. If you ever need to rollback Windows Vista or Windows 7 to an earlier time, on the System Protection tab, click the System Restore button and follow the prompts to select a restore point and initiate the rollback.